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Discover the ultimate in-pool innovation with Prestige Aqua Pools. Our concrete fibreglass pools combine the durability of concrete with the smooth finish of fibreglass, providing Perth homeowners with luxurious, long-lasting, and low-maintenance swimming solutions. Experience bespoke designs tailored to enhance your lifestyle.

Why Choose a Concrete Fibreglass Pool?

Concrete fibreglass pools offer the perfect blend of strength and elegance. Customisable in shape, size, and depth, they fit any backyard and even limited access areas. The fibreglass coating provides a smooth finish, ensuring easy maintenance and a luxurious swimming experience for years to come.

Customise Shape, Size, and Depth

Our pools can be fully customised to fit any shape, size, and depth, allowing you complete control over your pool design to perfectly suit your backyard and lifestyle.

Smooth Finish

The fibreglass coating applied over the concrete structure guarantees a sleek, smooth finish, providing a luxurious swimming experience with minimal maintenance and maximum aesthetic appeal.

Build in Limited Access Areas

Ideal for properties with restricted access, our pools can be constructed in spaces where traditional fibreglass pools cannot fit, ensuring every homeowner can enjoy a custom pool.

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What are the benefits of a Concrete Fibreglass pool in Perth?

Concrete fibreglass pools offer superior durability with steel reinforcement, lasting longer than traditional fibreglass pools. They can be built close to houses and fences without issues, have no size restrictions, and their smooth finish ensures easy maintenance and a luxurious swimming experience.

Fibreglass pool benefits

Built Near Houses, Fences & Retaining Walls

Unlike fibreglass pools, concrete fibreglass pools can be constructed close to houses, fences, and retaining walls without issues.

Fibreglass pool benefits

No Movement Compared to Fibreglass

Concrete fibreglass pools are stable and do not shift or move like traditional fibreglass pools.

Fibreglass pool benefits

Steel Reinforced Concrete

The steel reinforcement in the concrete structure adds superior strength and durability to your pool.

Fibreglass pool benefits

Easy Maintenance

The smooth fibreglass finish makes these pools easy to clean and maintain, saving you time and effort.

Fibreglass pool benefits

Last Longer than Fibreglass Pools

These pools have a longer lifespan compared to standard fibreglass pools, providing lasting value.

Fibreglass pool benefits

No Size Restrictions

With concrete fibreglass pools, there are no size limitations, allowing for more extensive and custom designs.

Why Choose Prestige Aqua Pools

At Prestige Aqua Pools, we believe that luxury and tranquillity should grace every backyard in Perth. We are dedicated to redefining outdoor living with our pioneering concrete fibreglass pools, designed to blend durability with elegance. Our mission is to craft not just pools, but sanctuaries of joy and relaxation for families, making pool ownership both luxurious and maintenance-free.

Our commitment shines through in delivering pools that perfectly combine the best features of concrete and fibreglass, offering unparalleled longevity, aesthetics, and ease of care. We are not just pool builders; we are creators of cherished family memories, advocates for leisure, and designers of dream spaces.

Fibreglass Pool

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