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The Pool Design Experts

Our experience in building pools across Perth has led us to have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to what works and what doesn’t for a custom pool. Our team can work with you, your backyard and your budget to find the most suitable pool for you, your home and your family.

Custom Pool Design Services We Offer

Custom Pool Size

The way we construct pools means we can create a wide variety of pool sizes. The added benefit of a concrete fibreglass pool construction is strength an durability no matter the size.

Colour & finish

With the fibreglass finish, our pools provide a great look and safety for you and the family. These finishes are much kinder on your feet and we can supply a range of colours for your custom pool.

Water Type

We can build you a variety of pools from salt water and chlorine to freshwater options. Depending on what you prefer, we can help you find the right water for your pool.

Want a Custom Pool Quote?

Our team can help you find your perfect pool, use our calculator to get a quote today!

Our Pool Colour Range

Offering a range of vibrant colour options empowers our swimming pool owners to choose a hue that resonates with them, complements their home and backyard pool area, and adds a touch of individuality. All these colours are UV resistant, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy under the sun.

We understand that selecting the perfect colour for your custom pool can be daunting. You might seek a shade that suits your current backyard aesthetics or perhaps you’re keen to explore something entirely fresh and exciting.

Pacific Blue

Pool Blue

Aquatic Blue

Light Box Grey


Riviera Blue

Our Pool Building Process

We’ve perfected the art of making your custom pool dreams a reality without any stress, from the very beginning right through to the final splash. Let us walk you through our seamless process, ensuring your journey to your dream pool is smooth sailing from start to finish. Here’s how we do it:

initial quote

Initial Quote

Get a detailed quote for your custom pool, with no strings attached. We make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting and how much it costs.
site inspection

Site Inspection & Preparation

Our team checks out your place to make sure your new pool will fit just right. We take all the unique features of your space into account.
building beings

Building Beings

Our skilled crew builds your pool with care, using only the best materials. Your dream pool starts to take shape.

A Pool To Enjoy

When everything’s ready, we hand over your sparkling new pool. It’s time to enjoy your first dip!

Why We’re the Custom Pool Experts in Perth

At Prestige Aqua Pools, we blend innovation with elegance to create stunning pools that last. Our special mix of concrete and fibreglass means you get a pool that’s built tough, easy to look after and stays stylish for decades.

Based in Perth, we’re experts at making custom pools that fit your lifestyle perfectly. We understand what needs to go into your pool and how to make the space one you can enjoy for years to come.

Aqua pool

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