Concrete vs Fibreglass Pools: An In-Depth Comparison

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Our customers often ask us, “Is a fibreglass or concrete pool better?”. At Prestige Aqua Pools, our answer is both.

When it comes to choosing the perfect swimming pool for your home, the debate often narrows down to two popular options: concrete and fibreglass pools. Each material offers distinct advantages and challenges, catering to different needs, preferences, and budgets.

In this post, we’ll explore concrete vs. fibreglass pools, their pros and cons, and how our pool specialists at Prestige are redefining backyard luxury with our innovative hybrid pool solutions. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke design or an easy-installation solution, understanding these factors will guide you towards the right choice for your backyard

Benefits of Concrete Pools

  • Durability and Longevity — Concrete pools boast high durability and a long lifespan (up to 40+ years with proper maintenance and conditions).
  • Endless Customisation — Because a concrete pool is built on-site, there are no limitations when it comes to design. If you have the space, you can bring almost any vision to life. From unique shapes to custom sizes and colours, concrete pools offer a “sky’s the limit” approach to design.
  • Increased Home Value — Concrete pools are considered an attractive addition and almost always increase a property’s value.

Benefits of Fibreglass Pools

  • Smooth, Fast Installation — With pre-made shells, fibreglass swimming pools feature straightforward installation that can be completed in only 1 to 3 weeks. The process involves digging the hole, inserting the pool shell, and connecting the necessary filtration, lighting, and heating systems. There is no need for the surface to cure since it comes pre-made from the factory.
  • Maintenance — Fibreglass pools feature a non-porous surface that makes it hard for bacteria to get trapped. This results in decreased bacteria growth and also deters the growth of algae and mould. With its natural resistance to bacteria and algae buildup, fibreglass pools require less chemical upkeep and cleaning.
  • Comfort and Finish — Fibreglass is a clear winner over concrete when it comes to finish and comfort. With a non-abrasive, smooth surface, kids and adults can enjoy playing in the pool without a rough bottom on the feet. A fibreglass finish also eliminates rough sides that can snag your swimsuit or scratch your skin.
  • Cheaper to Heat — Fibreglass boasts higher thermal efficiency, making it easier and cheaper to heat than a concrete pool. Once a fibreglass pool reaches the desired temperature, it retains that temperature more easily than a concrete pool.

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Concrete vs Fibreglass Pools: Which Is Best?

Both concrete and fibreglass pools can enhance a backyard’s appeal and offer decades of fun. However, each of these popular pool types has drawbacks to be aware of.

Possible Problems with a Concrete Pool:

  • Cost —Because concrete pools are built onsite and require more intensive installation, they are more expensive to build than fibreglass pools.
  • Installation —The longer, more intensive installation process and required curing time can take up to 3 months to complete.
  • Damage — Concrete is inflexible and susceptible to cracking, especially in cold temperatures.
  • Repair Work — Concrete pools may need replastering after about 15 years.
  • Rough on the Feet — The interior surface of concrete pools is often described as “rough” or “abrasive”. Although this surface is good for grip, it is not as smooth or comfortable as a fibreglass pool interior.
  • Higher Maintenance — Concrete pools are more susceptible to algae growth, requiring more chemicals and cleaning. This leads to more work and higher maintenance costs.

Possible Problems with a Fibreglass Pool

  • Repairs — If the shell breaks, the entire pool will need to be replaced.
  • Design Limitations — Although the installation process is easier than concrete pools, it comes at the cost of design limitations. Fibreglass pool designs are pre-built, meaning there are limited shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from. Because they have to be delivered and lifted into place, fibreglass pools are limited to a certain size.
  • Shorter Lifespan — Fibreglass pools have a shorter lifespan than concrete pools. Typically, fibreglass pools are expected to last 15 to 20 years while concrete pools can last up to 30 or 40 years.

The Best of Both Worlds: Concrete Fibreglass Composite Pools

Fibreglass and concrete pools can both enhance your backyard and offer decades of enjoyment and fun in the Perth sun.

But what if you want the durability and customisation offered by a concrete pool and the smooth finish and low maintenance requirements of a fibreglass pool? Experience the best of both worlds with concrete fibreglass pools from Prestige Aqua Pools!

We embarked on a mission to redefine outdoor living with our hybrid concrete fibreglass pools.

Here’s a look at 7 benefits of a concrete fibreglass composite pool.

  1. Combining Strength with ComfortOur unique approach combines the strength of a concrete pool with the smooth, comfortable, low-maintenance finish of a fibreglass pool. No more rough pool surfaces on the bottoms of your feet. Enjoy a sleek, smooth finish that promotes comfort and relaxation.
  2. Enhanced DurabilityBecause of their strength and sturdy structure, concrete pools boast a longer lifespan than fibreglass pools. By combining the two, we create a durable pool that can provide enjoyment for your family for decades to come.
  3. Easier MaintenanceWith a porous surface that is prone to bacteria and algae growth, concrete pools are notorious for their higher maintenance requirements.

    Lining the concrete base with fibreglass creates a non-porous surface that is easier to clean, less susceptible to algae and mould growth, and requires fewer chemicals.

    The result is the durability and strength of a concrete pool combined with the low maintenance, more environmentally friendly nature of a fibreglass pool.

  4. Aesthetic AppealWith a concrete base, fibreglass concrete hybrid pools offer endless customisation options.

    From creative shapes and sizes to a wide range of colour finishes, we can transform your backyard with a luxury custom pool that complements your home’s aesthetics and appeals to your style preferences.

    We can customise the shape and size to match your backyard and work with your available space, creating a custom blend of style and function.

  5. CostA concrete fibreglass hybrid pool offers the benefits of a concrete pool without the higher price tag.

    The cost of a concrete fibreglass composite pool falls right in the middle between a concrete or fibreglass pool. The exact cost will depend on the size and depth of the pool, but concrete fibreglass pools offer a way to enjoy the durability and customisation of a concrete pool at a more affordable price.

    Our Pool Cost Calculator can help you get a broad idea of how much your dream pool will cost. If you would like an exact estimate, contact us to receive a detailed, no-obligation quote tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

  6. Straightforward InstallationOur streamlined process takes you from the initial quote to design conceptualisation to completion with ease.

    We use a concrete base, which offers endless customisation options and a sturdy structure. From there, the pool is lined with fibreglass to give it that smooth feel and inviting appeal.

  7. Thermal EfficiencyThe non-porous nature of fibreglass offers superior thermal efficiency. A heated fibreglass pool will reach your desired temperature sooner and retain it with less energy.

    A hybrid concrete fibreglass pool allows homeowners to take advantage of the sturdy foundation of a concrete pool combined with the thermal efficiency of a fibreglass pool.

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Ready To Transform Your Backyard with Your Dream Pool?

We believe homeowners do not have to settle for one or the other when it comes to choosing between the benefits of a concrete vs fibreglass pool.

Our innovative concrete fibreglass composite pools offer homeowners a cost-effective, durable, low-maintenance solution.

Ready to design your private oasis? As Perth’s top pool builders, we are here to help you from your initial vision to a lifetime of family memories. Contact us with any questions or for a free, no-obligation quote for a custom concrete fibreglass pool.

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